Welcome to Fortitudo High. A boarding school for gifted individuals. Here, you will learn to control your gifts, and be safe from the outside world while you do.
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 The Basic Plot

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PostSubject: The Basic Plot   The Basic Plot I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 9:31 am

Fortitudo High

This is Fortitudo High. A school for the gifted deep in Red River, New Mexico. It is a safe haven for all Vampires, Werewolves, Gifteds and many others.

A long time ago, the school was actually the home of an old testing facility for illnesses, cures, and far more demented things. Though somewhere along the way, things started going wrong. People started dying, mutating, and going missing all together. The government thought it was a necessary sacrifice. Eventually the experiments were stopped by the government, because it was finally deemed too “dangerous”. But by the time this happened, only a few people were left alive.

These few scientists ended up going missing soon after the place was shut down. Taken by the government and killed off for the secrets they knew about that old testing facility. Though no one found out about this, as it was all very “hush-hush”. No one was to find out what went on there.

Years and years after all of this happened, is when the school was built for the gifted students that would soon inhabit the area. It was one of only a few gifted schools in the world. It was placed here because of how secluded the area was. Surrounded by woods, and very private. This just so happened to be the same reason the testing facility once rested here as well.

After a while, students wondered around in the deep forest. But what they found there was not something they expected. It was the old remains of the testing facility. But it was what they later found out that shocked everyone at the school, and caused them to worry. After students started spending a lot of time around and in that old facility, things started happening. For one, they would lose their powers after some time there, but it was always temporary. Nothing to worry about too much, right? Well then they started to go missing. And soon these, mutated monsters were seen in the forest, running wild in the shadows. Though they were mostly only seen near the facility.

These things had extended limbs, and contorted faces. They were horrid creatures. But they also seemed to have a taste for flesh, considering about every few weeks, a student would wind up dead. Seeming to be chewed on and almost completely drained of blood.

The teachers acted as quickly as they could, banning the woods from any and all students. No one was allowed to enter them anymore. After time all of this these thoughts left everyone’s mind, seeing as people stopped going missing and dying. Everything seemed normal again. But the painful memories of the lost students and even a few teachers, still lingers along the halls and down the stairwells.

But it never really ended. It just hid itself. But now it has started again, and the first body has shown up. It will be the first of many.
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The Basic Plot
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