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 Epicenter - A Supernatural Post-Apocalyptic RP

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PostSubject: Epicenter - A Supernatural Post-Apocalyptic RP   Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:00 pm

[blockquote]The real world found out about the Supernatural world and the fall out was devastating. Major cities obliterated, billions of lives lost on both sides, the infrastructure severely damaged. Those who survived were left with a mess that they couldn't even begin to fathom cleaning up.

Several years have passed since then. The remaining population have had to battle all sorts of evil; Demons roaming the planet en masse, human militia, predators stalking the wilds, and super viruses with the power to wipe out whole communities. It is a post-apocalyptic Hell on Earth, but the strongest have pulled through.

With limited communication and resources, most people live in close knit communities or on the move. The world is a dangerous place and those who are left must navigate it together...

...or die alone.

~~~ TRAILER ~~~

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Epicenter - A Supernatural Post-Apocalyptic RP
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