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 Samantha's Characters

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PostSubject: Samantha's Characters    Samantha's Characters  I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 26, 2013 9:58 pm

Hey Everyone, so here is all my characters if you see any you wanna roleplay with let me know Smile

Samantha (single)
Claire (single)

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PostSubject: Re: Samantha's Characters    Samantha's Characters  I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 26, 2013 9:59 pm

Samantha's Characters  Sara-Paxton
Name: Samantha Kingsly
Age and D.O.B.: Seventeen, Born January 28th
Orientation: Straight, she will go for some good boys, but she has always leaned towards the bad boys and will usual be seen with them.
Description: Samantha has long golden brown hair that flows down past her waist. She has dark green eyes that change with the different light settings. She is average height and looks like she is only skin and bone but in truth she is actually pretty strong.
Hobbies: In Samantha's spare time she likes to mostly spend time alone listening/writing music and practicing her singing. When she isn't practicing her music she is most likely somewhere practicing her running for the track team.
Likes/Dislikes: Samantha likes all types of music, but her favorite is country. When it comes to make-up she would rather wear none and be her true looking self, but at times you would be lucky to see her wearing some form of lip-gloss. Some things that she dislikes is people who try to make her do activities she does not want to do.
History: Samantha was born into a normal family, growing up being told that she was normal too and not different. When Samantha was 8 years old she found out the truth about herself and how she wasn't normal and in fact a gifted human. When she confronted her parents about they just kept on denying it and telling her she was normal. That very same night Samantha packed up and ran away and hasn't talked to her family since.
Phobias: Samantha only has one Phobia and that is spiders.
Occupation: Unemployed; Academy student.
Personality: She is devoted, unfaithful in others, selfish, and a little bit cocky.She had been told by many men(and some woman) that she was very beautiful and it has started to go to her head a bit.
Species: gifted human
Powers: control Fire, Water, and Earth.
Anything else we need to know: Samantha like to take walks around new areas, practice her running, and read.
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PostSubject: Re: Samantha's Characters    Samantha's Characters  I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 27, 2013 3:22 pm

Samantha's Characters  Redhaircolor2
Full Name: Claire Rose
NickNames: Dawna
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birth-Date: April 1st
Race: Dawna
Gift: Can control anti-matter and is skilled with a sword the when comes in contact with a demon will burn them.
Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Orientation: Straight
Relationship: Single
Close Family: None, is afraid if she gets close to someone she will harm them.

Eyes: Dark green
Hair: Long fire red curly hair that goes down her back
Skin: Pale skin, that never burns
Build: Looks like your average girl, but underneath is full of strong muscle
Height: 5”10”

Personality: All around a nice girl, until she is around any form of demon. Then she hardens up and closes her sense so she will do what is best.

History: Growing up Claire never knew that she was a Dawna. She had never heard of it, and neither had anyone she knew. One day when she was walking around town in Toronto she bumped into a man who was as hard as rock and fell down. As she looked up at the man he smiled down at her and said in a voice she would never forget “I’ve finally found you Dawna, now you can release the world into the hands of Demons”. Frightened by his words Claire did the one thing she would never do in public and used her anti-matter abilities to attack the guy as she got away. Once she got home she locked herself in her bedroom and started to do research on what a Dawna was. What she found out was that it was a rare human being who came around only once every thousand years and had the power to take away the sun and let demons rule the human race. Frightened about what demons might do to get her Claire packed up and left her family that night, never looking back.
Years passed and Claire stayed on the run from demons, never feeling safe in one place. Throughout her journey she had found a sword that she had known how to use the minute she touched it since it was made for her, and after a fight defending off a demon she realized that if any demon would touch the sword it would burn them. Happy with her new discovery Claire decided to try and go back to school to finish her education, knowing that if she had the sword on her at all times it could help her know who she could, and couldn’t trust.
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Samantha's Characters
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