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 The Basic Rules

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The Basic Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Basic Rules   The Basic Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 9:51 am

Rule One: This is a semi-literate to advanced-literate guild. We simply ask that you do not have a one sentence reply. Just have something that the other person can actually reply to.

Rule Two: OOC drama is a 'no-go' around here. If you have issues, then talk about it calmly. I do not want any fighting. If you feel like you need to fight it out, then do so over PM.

Rule Three: No OOC cursing, please. Do your best to refrain from cursing out of character. I understand that words slip out, and once in a while is fine. But do not constantly curse. Some people find it to be offensive, and we do not want anyone feeling uncomfortable.

Rule Four: Please no sexual content. We have young members, and we do not want them seeing that sort of thing. Kissing and hugging, is alright though. If you simply must have something happen between two characters, fade it to black. Do not post explicit content, and stray as far from suggestive as possible. Simply put a brief, "They laid together - fades" or something along those lines. Nothing specific. But no members under the age of 18 are even allowed to fade. Anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed to fade, and still NO actual sexual content is allowed.

Rule Five: Please, when a RolePlay has come to an end, let an administrator know so that I may move it into the RolePlay Graveyard.

Rule Six: Please, when making a Role-Play thread, make sure that you post it under the correct board.
"Organized 1x1 RolePlay" is for any "One On One" roleplay that has previously been talked about and planned out, that is strictly for the two previously assigned roleplayers.
"Organized Multi-Member RolePlay" is for any roleplay that contains more then two roleplayers, and has previously been planned out. But is also strictly for the previously assigned roleplayers.
"Free For All RolePlay" is for any roleplay where different roleplayers can join freely, at any given time, that has not previously been talked about. Or simply is not strictly for the originally assigned roleplayers.

Rule Seven: No Liquid Time. RolePlaying the same character in more than one RolePlay at once, is not allowed.

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The Basic Rules
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