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 The Last Island

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PostSubject: The Last Island    The Last Island  I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 27, 2013 6:45 pm

The Last Island  Test2-1

Welcome to The Last Island, a post apocalyptic survival site. It's 2020 and the world has been almost fully submerged in water due to Global warming and natural disasters.

It's mere months since the last of the earths upheavals and survivors are slowly finding their way to this island, learning to forage for food, learning to adjust to a new life. Maybe they're lucky enough to find other survivors, maybe they prefer to be alone. Whatever the case, this is their new home and it's up to them to make it work. There will be countless challenges ahead of them, but after surviving the flooding, these people can survive anything, right?

In The Last Island, you are one of maybe a few thousand humans left alive, left to scavenge for food, to fight off predators, to build shelters and simply to survive. Are you a brave new settler? Are you a scavenger, scouring the shorelines for anything useful to trade? Or maybe you're a pirate, pillaging young settlements and taking what you want. You decide.

What we offer:
- ORIGINAL survival/real life genre
- Invisionfree
- Opened April 1st and going strong!
- Active Chatbox
- Mature members, all 18+
- No word count
- Literate, advanced roleplay
- Aesthetically pleasing, but simple app
- Character driven plot
- Canon Adoptables
- Member Requests
- DoHTML enabled, but not required
- LGBT friendly
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The Last Island
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