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 The Character Rules

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The Character Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Character Rules   The Character Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 22, 2013 9:10 pm

Rule One: Power Limits: Please refrain from having any invincible characters, as this is god Modding. You may have a limit of three powers per character; Keep it reasonable. If they have multiple powers, try to relate them to each other. Also, if your character is say, a werewolf, then leave it at that; Things like self healing or super strength are related to the species. But no Pyro werewolves. It simply makes no sense.

Rule Two: Species: Don't be afraid to get creative. Go ahead and have mixed bloods. As long as it is reasonable; no fairy werewolves or leprechaun vampires. That is just too out there and would not work.

Rule Three: Please, do not have too many characters. If you have more then five characters, do make sure that you use them all. If you do not use them for over a month, you will be asked to remove them. Do not make characters, simply to leave them laying around, gathering dust.

Rule Four: All character pictures must be child friendly. No inappropriate images are allowed. If I see any bad pictures, I will ask you to remove them. If you do not, then I will remove them myself.
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The Character Rules
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