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 Why, hello there. (Bianca+???)

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Why, hello there. (Bianca+???) Empty
PostSubject: Why, hello there. (Bianca+???)   Why, hello there. (Bianca+???) I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 11, 2013 2:42 am

Bianca sat in the half-empty lunchroom, Gnawing at the under-ripe apple she had gotten earlier, but only just started to nibble at now, as if it would ripen a little more before she got around to it. The apple was read, he jacket was red, her hair was red. Bianca wondered why she liked that color so much, it must be in her genes or something.

After a while of just sitting, hunched over the table with her apple and her hair dangling in front of her face, she stood up and decided movement was a good thing to keep her from being a motionless bum all day. Bianca, who really like to be called Bebe to be honest, threw the fruit up in the air and caught it over and over again, never failing to catch it and throw it once more in a perfectly vertical trajectory.

Bebe was quite absorbed by this, and was bound to bump into something soon, which she did in the form of a wall, not that it caused her to drop the apple, which was perched on the tips of her fingers as she glared at the wall for being in such an insufferable place

"Stupid wall." She muttered in her slight southern accent as she bit into her apple grouchily.
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Why, hello there. (Bianca+???)
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