Welcome to Fortitudo High. A boarding school for gifted individuals. Here, you will learn to control your gifts, and be safe from the outside world while you do.
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Skyler Valentine

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Full Name: Skyler Valentine.
NickNames: Sky.
Gender: Female.
Age: Fifteen years old.
Birth-Date: April tenth.
Race: Vampire.
Gift: Skyler is a very talented healer, though most of the time if it is a large injury, she takes the injury on herself for a while so that she may take it away from the person she is healing. Though after a while, the injury leaves her body, but the other person remains healed.
Origin: St. Louis.
Orientation: Straight.
Relationship: Single.
Close Family: None.

Eyes: Bright red, glowing eyes.
Hair: Long bright red hair.
Skin: Deathly pale.
Build: Vary skinny.
Height: Four feet and eleven inches short.
Misc.: …

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She is very sweet. A true sweet heart who tries to take care of everyone she cares about. She would never hurt anyone on purpose, and would give her life for her loved ones. But when her vampire side takes over, she can be a bit snippy. But never on purpose.

When Skyler was celebrating her fourteenth birthday, she had been partying with some of her friends. Her parents trusted her and her friends so they let her go out at that young age. Well, when she was heading home, walking alone around 11:00 pm that night, after the partying was over, she was attacked by a tall dark man. He pulled her into an alleyway, and she thought for sure he was going to hurt her then kill her. But that wasn’t the case at all. He forced his blood down her throat then quickly snapped her neck. But he had never turned someone before. And for him to use Skyler as his first victim was a bad move. She ended up wandering, scared and hungry, her senses heightened. She wandered for a long way before a nice older man picked her up in his car, seeing as she was then walking along the side of the road. But the further along he got down that old almost empty road, the worse Skyler was feeling. After a while, she showed her fangs at him and nearly ripped him to shreds. But she forced herself to jump from the moving car to save the man’s life. He drove away as fast as he could. Soon enough, that same night, Skyler somehow found her way into the dense woods that surrounded the old school. If it weren’t for a student wandering around where they shouldn’t have been, Skyler would have died. But the girl found her, took her to the infirmary as fast as she could, and Skyler was taken care of there. Soon she was full of the blood, but dazed and confused. Her parents not finding out what happened to their daughter until a teacher sent them a note. Once they found out, they couldn’t let their beloved daughter back because Skyler’s little sister had just been born and her parents couldn’t risk Skyler hurting the baby. So now poor Skyler is alone at the school, normally wandering around by herself.
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